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VPSA Oxygen Plant is mainly composed of blower, vacuum pump, switching valve, absorber and O2 buffer tank. The raw air after removal the dust particles by suction inlet filter, and then enter into absorber after pressurized to 0.45 barg by roots air blower. The moisture, CO2 and a small amount of other gases are adsorbed by Al2O3 which packed at the inlet of the bottom of absorber, and then the N2 was adsorbed by zeolite molecular sieve. The O2(including Argon) comes from the top of absorber and then goes to O2 buffer tank.

The adsorption process reaches a certain ratio, wherein the adsorbent reached a saturation condition, switch valve to recover partial O2 from absorber by equalizing pressure and reducing pressure process, and then reduces the pressure of absorber to negative micro-pressure, and then vacuuming the absorber by vacuum pump to -0.50barg. The adsorbed moisture, CO2, N2 and small amount other gases will be pumped out and discharged, the adsorbent will be regenerated.

Each absorber of VPSA will alternately performs the following steps: Adsorption, Desorption, Flushing

VPSA Oxygen Plant Features:

  1. Lower energy consumption: the higher production capacity of O2, the lower energy consumption.
  2. Lower maintenance: Power equipment without oil and easy maintenance.
  3. Highly automatic, power equipment and O2 generator are Synchronous control.
  4. Suitable for M/L production capacity: 150~5000Nm3/hr/set, purity: 80%~93%.

Small Skid-mounted VPSA O2 Generator + Bottling system

Patent product-Small Skid-mounted VPSA O2 Generator can further reduce the cost of O2 and combined the easy installation of PSA devices, skid-mounted and overall assembly, easy transportation and available for small quantity oxygen use onsite or bottling. Production capacity: 20~130Nm3/hr, purity: 80%~93%.


Main Index
Production capacity: 50Nm3/hr, purity: 93%, pressure: 15Mpa,
Cooling water: 8tons/h, Installed power: 18.5+30+30+2.2=80.7KW (380V, 50HZ)
Size: 2400mm x 8000mm x 2200mm
Total weight: 12000kgs

System Features:

  • High efficiency O2-Generation MS, VPSA process and lower energy consumption;
  • Imported high frequency switching valve, lower failure rate and more stable operation;
  • Overall skid-mounted design, easy transportation and installation (O2 compressor and Bottling system separated)


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