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According to the principle of pressure swing adsorption, zeolite molecular sieve is used as adsorbent, because zeolite has selective adsorption properties, nitrogen is adsorbed by zeolite molecular sieve, oxygen is enriched in gas phase, and nitrogen and oxygen separation is realized under the action of pressure swing adsorption. Using two adsorption tower process, one tower adsorption oxygen production, one tower desorption regeneration, through the PLC Intelligent program Control pneumatic angle seat valve open and close, so that the two Towers cycle alternating, continuous production of high-quality oxygen.

Technical Features:

  • Imported pneumatic angle seat valve, the life of more than 3 million times.
  • Siemens PLC Intelligent program Controller, easy operation, stable operation.
  • Special Alumina Ceramic ball diffusion technology makes the airflow evenly distributed and enhances the adsorption efficiency of adsorbent.

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  • Flow:                   Nm3/hr
  • Purity:                   %
  • Dew Point:                  
  • Discharge Pressure:                   Bar
  • Application:                    (combustion,welding or what?)
  • Local Seal Level:                  
  • Local Power Input:                V/           phase /            Hz,

*our plant needs (380V/3phase/50HZ & 220V/single phase/50HZ)

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