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The anthraquinone process of Hydrogen Peroxide Production Plant is mostly adopted in the world, the procedures are as follows:

2-EAQ, Aromatic and TOP will be mixed at a certain ration, it is called working solution (WS). The WS will be loaded together with H2 into hydrogenation tower which is loaded with Pd catalyst. The hydrogenation reaction will be happening under certain pressure and temperature. Then the H-EAQ which is called hydrogenation solution (HS) is obtained. The HS will be oxidized by air, and the H-EAQ become 2-EAQ and H2O2. Because the H2O2 solubility is different in water and WS, and water has the different density with WS, the DM water is used for extracting the WS with H2O2, which is called oxidation solution (OS). Then the H2O2 solution is obtained. The H2O2 solution then will be purified by aromatics and purged by air, thus the 35% H2O2 product is obtained. Pump the 35% H2O2 into the falling film evaporator, increase the concentration to 50% and purify the H2O2. Then we can get the final product. The WS after extraction, which is called raffinate, will go through settlement and water removal, drying by K2CO3 and regeneration by activated alumina. Then, the WS will go back to hydrogenation section to recycle.

Technical features

  • New Fixed Bed Technology, Hydrogenation Efficiency can reach 9g/L;
  • Raw source material of hydrogen and air is abundant and easy to obtain;
  • Production process is short, easy and safe to operate;
  • Lower consumption of Raw material and power;
  • Can produce a relatively wide range of concentration of hydrogen peroxide;
  • Pollution-free to the environment;
  • Large scale production and process.

Main performance index

Product Concentration27.5%, 35%, 50%
H2 Consumption~ 267Nm3/ton
H2 Efficiency9 g/L (Formerly is 6.8 ~ 8 g/L)
Oxidization Efficiency≥ 93%
Operation Flexible80% ~ 120%
H2O2-35%Air: 1650 Nm3, 2EAQ: 0.63kg, Electricity: 125KWh, Steam: 0.7ton, DM Water: 1.0 ton

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