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This technology of Hydrogen Plant is to use natural gas pressurized desulfurization with water vapor in the special furnace loading a catalyst to produce chemical reaction, generate hydrogen, carbon dioxide and carbon monoxide, the conversion of the waste heat, and then through the transformation of CO into CO2, transformed gas by Pressure Swing Adsorption (PSA) purification of qualified product hydrogen gas.

Process Flow Description
The natural gas, prior to pressurization, desulfurization and mixing with aqueous vapor, is passed through a special reformer which is packed with catalyst for cracking and reforming to form the reforming effluent-a mixture of H2, CO2 and CO. After part heat is recovered, hydrogen gas will be obtained by converting the reforming effluent to reduce the amount of CO content and the shift gas is purified through PSA to get the pure Hydrogen gas.

Main Performance Index

Production Scale1,000~20,000Nm3/h
Natural gas consumption0.47~0.55 Nm3/Nm3 Hydrogen (fuel gas)
Electric power consumption0.8~1.5 kWh/Nm3 Hydrogen
TemperatureConstant temperature

Technical Features

  • It is a mature production technology which can be operated safely and reliably
  • Operation and control are reliable and applicable, highly automatic
  • Operation cost is low and short payback period
  • Desorbed gas from PSA can be burned, which can both to reduce fuel consumption and decrease the ventilation of the waste gas

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