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The Hydrogen Generation from Methanol Reforming technology is mainly using methanol and demineralized water as feedstock, by catalysis reforming and PSA to gain the high purity hydrogen gas. It reflects completely the features of simplified and short process, less land occupation and investment, and cost-effectiveness, etc. With the rapid constructions of large methanol plants in our country, it can be foreseen that the cost of H2 generation will be decreased drastically as the a/m plants put into production one after another; this will result in the competition of our client’s products to be enhanced steadily.

Process Flow Description
The mixture of methanol and demineralized water, after pressurized, evaporated and super-heated to a certain temperature, is fed into a reactor, where the reforming gases including H2, CO2, CO etc. are formed under the action of the catalyst. The mixed gas is treated through the purification technology of PSA to get high purity hydrogen in one cycle.

Main Performance Index

Methanol consumption0.5~0.65kg/Nm3 Hydrogen
Production Scale100~20,000Nm3/h
TemperatureConstant temperature

Technical Features

  • This is a mature production technology which can be operated safely and reliably
  • The process is simple, and the device has a high degree of automation, and the operation is simple and easy
  • Low energy consumption, low consumption, low cost of hydrogen
  • Less land-occupation and investment, which can be recovered in a short period
  • The source of raw materials is easy, the transportation is convenient and the price is stable
  • Highly intensive (standard modular), compact appearance, strong adaptability to construction site
  • No environmental pollution

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