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According to the user’s specific requirements and production characteristics to provide the most reasonable gas purification and separation technical solutions, process routes, adsorbent type and ratio, in order to ensure the effective gas yield and stability of the index.

The advanced and mature adaptive control software package can automatically realize the optimization of the adsorption time, the function can ensure the long-term device in the operating status of the economy, not by the operator level and careful operation degree of influence.

Has the unique technology of variable Pressure Adsorption Valve, the use life of more than 1000000 times.

  • Recovery of pure hydrogen from hydrogen mixture(PSA-H2)
    The raw material gas such as: Transform gas, refining gas, semi water gas, city gas, coke oven gas, gas, methanol, methanol, formaldehyde emissions, refinery catalytic cracking dry gas, refinery gas, other hydrogen source, H2 purity of up to 98~99.999%.
  • Carbon monoxide separation and purification(PSA-CO)
    Recovery of pure carbon monoxide from carbon monoxide mixture. The raw gas such as: semi water gas, water gas, blast furnace gas, copper washing regeneration gas of yellow phosphorus tail gas. Other carbon monoxide gas source, CO purity of 80 ~ 99.9%.
  • Removal of carbon dioxide(PSA-CO2)
    Removing CO2 from converted gas carbon dioxide for decarburization in the production process of synthetic ammonia and methanol and other occasions for removing carbon dioxide, such as urea plant etc.
  • Carbon dioxide separation and purification(PSA-CO2)
    Recovery of pure carbon dioxide from a variety of CO2 rich gas mixtures. The raw material gas such as: lime kiln tail gas, gas, gas, gas, natural gas, other carbon dioxide gas source, CO2 purity of up to 98~99.99%.
  • Biogas enrichment and purification
    The technology is rich in methane (CH4) of methane through the compressor pressure, and then after the desulfurization treatment, the use of variable pressure adsorption technology to remove the impurities in the gas, resulting in a high purity of methane gas.
  • Removal of Ethane over hydrocarbon groups(PSA-C2)
    The removal of natural gas, oil field gas over C2 hydrocarbons, producing methane.

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