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The Air Separation Plant adopts the process of molecular sieve adsorption, air boosting, booster turbo-expander refrigeration, expanded air into upper column, structural packing upper column, argon extraction without hydrogen and internal compression of product oxygen.

The whole system includes air filtration system, air compression system, air pre-cooling system, molecular sieve purification system, cold box system, liquid storage system, instrumentation control system and electric control system.

Technical Features

  • On the basis of introducing and learning the advanced technology from home and abroad and independent research & development, SASPG has developed large air separation plant of capacity of hundred thousand Nm3/h.
  • SASPG could offer the optimized process according to client’s different requirements which includes low pressure molecular sieve adsorption (vertical radial flow) process, medium /low pressure booster turbo-expander cold generation process, product oxygen internal/external compression process, product nitrogen internal/external compression process, air/nitrogen pressurizing recycling process, liquid expander cold regeneration process, structured packing rectification process, without-using-hydrogen argon production process, rare gas full-recovery process and its automatic off-design load and optimizing control technology.
  • The oxygen recovery rate reaches more than 99.6% and the argon recovery up to 80% while the lowest specific power consumption of oxygen is 0.34kwh/Nm3.
  • A number of independent innovation technology has been successfully applied in 40000~60000 Nm3/h air separation plants.
  • SASPG has made eye-catching progress in large and medium-sized air separation plant design and manufacturing and has obtained well-proven, complete and advanced air separation technologies with its own special characteristics.

Main Sizes

  • 50~120000Nm3/h Air Separation Plants
  • 50~40000Nm3/h High-purity Nitrogen Air Separation Plants
  • 100~1000TPD Oxygen and Nitrogen Liquefaction Plants
  • 100~1000TPD Liquid Air Separation Plants Utilizing LNG Cold Energy
  • Helium, neon, krypton and xenon extraction plants.

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