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Chinese Technology High-Temperature Fischer-Tropsch synthesis industrial demonstration plant was successfully launched

The first Chinese 100,000-Ton High-Temperature Fischer-Tropsch synthesis industrial demonstration plant with self-developed technology and completely independent intellectual property rights was successfully launched. The operating data of the plant shows that the reaction temperature of the demonstration device is 300 °C ~ 370 °C, the CO conversion rate is over 99%, the synthesis gas conversion rate is 92%, and the hydrocarbon products in the product are mainly olefins, the content is above 60%; the distribution of carbon number in liquid product is mainly concentrated below C20.

This technology innovatively uses iron-based catalysts and fixed fluidized bed reactors, with low direct investment, high catalyst activity, low unit consumption and online replacement, good production stability, high on-line rate, and low operation and maintenance costs. The Fischer-Tropsch synthesis reaction temperature is high, can get by-product the high-grade steam of 4.0 MPa, which is beneficial to the comprehensive utilization of energy and reduces the energy consumption per unit product.

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