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Natural Gas Turbo-Expander

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Adopting an advanced three-dimensional flow brazed joint shrouded impeller and five-axis numerical control miller and impeller brazing technique to avoid the occurrence of brazing joints (welding tumors) in the flow channel due to improper brazing, affecting the flow channel, and ultimately affecting its efficiency as well as to ensure the machining precision of Impeller blade.

Adjustable nozzles to adjust cooling capacity U-ring seal on sliding plate reduces internal leakage caused by material shrinkage at low temperatures.

In the design of the oil station, except that the pipeline is made of stainless steel welding to avoid leakage of the lubricant, a dual oil pump is also provided; it is used automatically and switched during operation. At the same time, an oil mist separator with advanced separation effect is used to solve the oil mist problem of traditional oil supply devices and improve the overall reliability of the unit. The booster and the oil supply system are composed of two armored blocks or integral blocks, which are compact and easy to install.

The entire rotor joint has interchangeability and subjected to rotor dynamics analysis through the import software. The bearing oil wedges and the thrust surface are machined from the CNC milling machine using special programming methods. The precision is high and the service life is long.  The rotor and bearing can be directly replaced from the normal temperature end, without the need for pearl sand, easy maintenance.

Technical Parameters

  1. Bearing structure: Radial and thrust combined bearings with High speed, light load and low energy consumption.
  2. Braking method: booster braking, fan braking, generator braking, etc.
  3. Applicable medium: air, nitrogen, natural gas, mixed refrigerant, coal bed methane, chemical tail gas and so on;
  4. Inlet pressure range: 0.2~10.0MPa;
  5. Inlet temperature range: normal temperature -100K;
  6. Outlet maximum liquid volume ≤ 20% (mass ratio);
  7. Air flow range: minimum gas volume: 1000Nm3/h (standard state, low pressure), maximum gas volume: 40000Nm3/h (standard state, low pressure); medium pressure gas volume has reached: 60000Nm3/h (standard state)
  8. The maximum impeller diameter: 320mm (closed impeller)
  9. Expander speed: 10000~100000rpm;
  10. Peak efficiency: 89%; supercharger peak efficiency: 82%;
  11. Complete self-control system: Local, PLC, DCS


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