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HWAYEU recognizes the importance and value of personal information.

Accordingly, in order to fulfill it’s duties and obligations as a a business operator handling personal information, Hwayeu has prescribed the following policy to protect personal information, complies with this policy, and fulfills its social responsibilities. Personal Information Protection Policy

  • Hwayeu shall comply with Act on the Protection of Personal Information and its related laws and regulations.
  • Hwayeu shall respect customers’ privacy. And to avoid any harm to the rights or interests of customers, Hwayeu shall raise the awareness of handling personal data, shall enhance security and shall do its utmost to protect personal information.
  • In acquiring, utilizing and providing personal information, Hwayeu shall be fully aware of the importance and value of personal information and shall handle it properly.
  • Hwayeu shall clearly define the rules for handling personal information, shall provide thorough instructions to all the employees and shall request business partners to handle personal information properly.
  • By maintaining the effective organization of tight control, Hwayeu shall take security control measures and shall thoroughly prevent or remedy the loss or leakage of personal information.
  • When a person requests to delete, discontinue using, correct, or disclose personal information, Hwayeu shall respond in good faith.

Handling Personal Information

Purpose of Utilization

  • Fee collection in the course of business, and other related business
  • Operating activities and analytical surveys by mail, by telephone or by e-mail for the business of Hwayeu
  • Other business operations relating to the above-mentioned operations.

Acquisition and Provision to a Third Party

  • Without obtaining the prior consent of a person, Hwayeu shall not acquire nor disclose personal information to a third party.
  • However, Hwayeu may disclose personal information without obtaining the prior consent of a person when ordered by a court under law for a suit or an investigation.
  • A name, an address, a phone number, contract information, and other information required for the above-mentioned.

Contact Us for Privacy Policy

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